The low pulsation pump head is specialized for high precision filling. Through the phase difference between the two sets of rollers, make the pulse crest and trough complementary, reducing the fluid pulsation effectively, reach high precision liquid transferring. 

Industry application

Pharmacy machine

Dispensing machine

Tubing Installation Procedure

HF-DY25 Installation Procedure-1

    1. Lift both side levers, take off the upper block.

HF-DY25 Installation Procedure-2

    2.  Put the tubing with cartridge or connector into pump housing.

HF-DY25 Installation Procedure-3

    3.  Install the upper block, put down the levers to lock the block.

Product Composition and Flow Rate Range

Model No. Housing Material Tubing Sizes IDxWall thickness (mm) Tubing Clamp Material Flow rate (ml/min) 0.1-350rpm Weight (kg)
HF-DY25 Aluminum alloy 15# 4.8×2.4 PP 0.42-1480 3.2
HF-DY25 Aluminum alloy 24# 6.4×2.4 PP 0.76-2670 3.2
HF-DY25 Aluminum alloy 35# 7.9×2.4 PP 1-3600 3.2
HF-DY25 Aluminum alloy 36# 9.6×2.4 PP 1.21-4340 3.2

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)