Compact pump head, functional design, more practical Transparent protective cover, can observe the working situation anytime; uncover signal output, stop working when uncover to ensure safety; running smoothly, low noise; support DC motor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor or AC motor.

Industry application

Special for medical dialysis equipment

Product Composition and Flow Rate Range

Model Base Protecting cover Size ID x Wall Thickness (mm) Speed range (rpm) Flow rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-UC25 Aluminum Alloy/PSF PC 15# 4.8×2.4 0.1-600 0.3423-2054 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 Aluminum Alloy/PSF PC 24# 6.4×2.4 0.1-600 0.503-3020 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 Aluminum Alloy/PSF PC 35# 7.9×2.4 0.1-600 0.8588-5153 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 Aluminum Alloy/PSF PC 36# 9.6×2.4 0.1-600 1.1105-6663 1.52/1.39


Speed range 0.1~600rpm
Speed resolution 0.1rpm
Motor type Stepper motor
Output signal Open cover signal (Active signal DC 12V)

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)