Industrial peristaltic pump, flow rate 414-12000ml/min. Use high power dc motor drive, strong power, can drive 2 pump heads. Suitable for large flow rate or high pressure application, such as industry production and filtration system. Industry application: adding chemicals to mineral processing system, support molecular targential flow ultrafiltration equipment, adding acid base into industrial fermentation system.


Industry application

Liquid transmission

Filtration and ultrafiltration

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Drive Pump Head Tubing Size Speed Flow Rate (ml/min)
HF-ZG600x HF-YZ35, HF-YZ35 (PPS) 26#, 73#, 82# 60~600 414~12000
HF-ZG600x 2-HF-YZ35, 2-HF-YZ35 (PPS) 26#, 73#, 82# 60~600 (each channel) 414~12000
Pump Head Tubing IDxWall Thickness (mm) ml/r Flow Rate (ml/min) 0.1-600 rpm Tubing max. pressure (Mpa) Intermittent Tubing max. pressure (Mpa) Continuous Material/Weight (kg) Alluminum alloy Material/Weight (kg) PPS
26# 6.4×3.3 6.9 <4200 0.27 0.20 4.36 1.5
HF-YZ35 73# 9.6×3.3 12.3 <7400 0.27 0.20 4.36 1.5
82# 12.7×3.3 20 <12000 0.14 0.10 4.36 1.5


Flow rate range 414~12000 ml/min
Speed range 60-600rpm
Rotation direction Reversible
Outlet pressure 0.3Mpa
Speed resolution 1rpm
Flow rate accuracy <±0.5%
Display 4 bit LED shows the current speed
Motor type DC motor
Speed control Multiturn potentiometer control motor speed
Keypad lifetime 300.000 times
External control signal 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA for option
Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz (standard) AC 110V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
Drive dimension (LxWxH) 325x236x193mm (LxWxH)
Drive Weight 17.0kg
Condition temperature 0-40ºC
Relative humidity < 80%
Power consumption < 300W

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)

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