Basic type peristaltic pump, with ABS Engineering Plastic Shell and add UV Spray Coating to have anti-corrosion and anti-static function. Streamlined body design. 3 digital LED display motor speed, mechanical keypad control. Speed range: 0.1-600 rpm/min. Flow rate range: 0.3423-6663ml/min.

Industry application



Pump Head and Flow Rate

Pump Head Housing material (base) Housing material (protecting cover) Tubing size IDxWall (mm) Speed Range (rpm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-UC25 PSF PC 15# 4.8×2.4 0.1-600 3.423~2054 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 24# 6.4×2.4 0.1-600 5.033~3020 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 35# 7.9×2.4 0.1-600 8.588~5153 1.52/1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 36# 9.6×2.4 0.1-600 1.1105~6663 1.52/1.39


Speed range 0.5-600
Motor type Servo motor
Outlet pressure 0.14~0.27Mpa
Communication interface RS232, RS485 support MODBUS protocol (RTU mode)
Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz (standard) AC 110V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
Drive dimension (LxWxH) 261.4×157.3×236.9mm (LxWxH)
Drive Weight 4.40kg
Relative humidity < 80%
Environment temperature 0-40ºC
Power consumption <80W
IP rate IP31
Drive Model Display Operating mode External control signal Motor Status Output Interface
HF-LabM6-IV Basic type 3 digital LED Mechanical keypad External speed control signal: 0-5V(standard), 0-10V, 4-20 mA (optional); Start/Stop: passive switch signal, such as foot pedal; Active switch signal: 5V, 12V (optional), 24V (standard) No

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)

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