42 Stepper motor 2

PES material, transparent protecting cover, easily to observe the working situation of pump head and tubing at any time. Various of colours are available. There is water-proof groove in the pump head mounting side. Can use stepper motor, DC motor, AC motor and so on to drive.


Industry application

Industrial washing machine

Analytical instruments

Tubing Installation Procedure

    1. As below picture, turn the holding pin to unlocking position.

    2.  Open the transparent cover.

    3.  Install the tubing.

    4.  Close the transparent cover, and turn the holding pin to unlocking position.

The way of connection tube


Widely used in industrial washing machines, dishwashers, fermentation tasks, analytical instruments supporting.

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Model No. Housing material body Protective cover Tubing Sizes IDxWall thickness (mm) Speed range (rpm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-UD15 PSF Transparent PC 16# 3.1×1.6 0.1-350 0.08-280 0.12
HF-UD15 PSF Transparent PC 25# 4.8×1.6 0.1-350 0.16-580 0.12
HF-UD15 PSF Transparent PC 17# 6.4×1.6 0.1-350 0.26-930 0.12
Model No. OEM-UB04
Speed range 0.1-350rpm
Flow rate range 0.08-930ml/min
Motor type 42 stepper motor
Speed control Communication control
Address setting 1-32
Power supply DC 24V, ≥36W
Communication interface RS232, RS485 interface modbus protocol, control start/stop, direction and speed
Working environment 0-40ºC, 80%RH

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)