Closed-loop stepper motor

HF-UC25, compact pump head, functional design, more practical. Transparent protective cover, can observe the working situation anytime; uncover signal output, stop working when uncover to ensure safety; running smoothly, low noise; support DC motor, brushless DC motor, closed-loop stepper motor and AC motor.


Industry application

Special for medical dialysis equipment

Tubing Installation Procedure

    A. Press the tube clip to place the hose into the U-solt.

    B. Put the hose between the two guide posts, hold the wrench, and turn the roller body.

    C. Press the tube clip to place the hose into the U-slot.

    D. The installation is complete.

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Model No. Housing Material Base Protective cover Tubing sizes IDxWall Thickness Speed range (rpm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-UC25 PSF PC 15# 4.8×2.4 0.1-600 0.3423~2054 1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 24# 6.4×2.4 0.1-600 0.5033~3020 1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 35# 7.9×2.4 0.1-600 0.8588~5153 1.39
HF-UC25 PSF PC 36# 9.6×2.4 0.1-600 1.1105~6663 1.39
Model No. OEM-UCB001
Motor type 57 Closed-loop stepper motor
Motor phase number 2
Motor phase angle 1.8º
Motor phase voltage 1.9V
Motor phase current 3A
Encoder power voltage DC5V (±10%)
Encoder resolution 1000cpr
Working environment 0-40ºC, 80%RH

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)