57 Stepper motor

Standard pump head with compact structure, exquisite appearance, fixed occlusion and stable running. Can stack several pump head, and support various equipment.


Industry application

Support COD on-line monitor

Ice cream and coffee machine

Tubing Installation Procedure

    A. Disassemble the pump head, and press the tubing on the rollers.

    2.  Make the tubing go around the rollers one cycle, and merge it on the exit.

    3.  Tighten the tubing aptly, and load the other half pump head body.

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Model No. Housing Material Body Protective cover Tubing sizes IDxWall Thickness Speed range (rpm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-SN15-14 PC 304 Stainless steel 14# 1.6×1.6mm 0.1-600 0.024~144 0.20
HF-SN15-16 PC 304 Stainless steel 16# 3.1×1.6mm 0.1-600 0.088~528 0.20
HF-SN25 PC 304 Stainless steel 24# 6.4×2.4mm 0.1-600 0.25~1500 0.20
Model No. OEM-B255
Speed range 0.1-600rpm
Flow rate range 0.024-1500ml/min
Motor type 57 stepper motor
Motor phase number 2
Motor step angle 1.8º
Motor phase voltage 2.7V
Motor phase current 3.0A
Working environment 0-40ºC, 80%RH

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)