Multichannel Pump Head

12 channels peristaltic pump, with the unique complete compression block design, solves the big error problem between channels from traditional multichannel pump heads. The compact structure can save room. The pump is widely used in high precision requests of flow rate among channels. Such as chemistry analytical instruments, etc. Accept many kinds of motors drive, such as stepper motor, DC motor, AC motor and servo motor.   


Industry application

Chemistry analytical instruments

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Model No. Housing material Rollers material Channel Number Rollers Number Speed (rpm) 0.51×0.9 1.02×0.86 2.06×0.86 2.54×0.86 Tubing Maximum Pressure (Mpa) Intermittent Tubing Maximum Pressure (Mpa) Continuous
HF-MT12 Alluminum alloy 304/316 stainless steel 12 channels 10 rollers 0.1-50 0.0016-0.84 0.005-2.5 0.015-7.5 0.020-10.5 0.2 0.15

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)