42 Stepper motor 2

Exquisite appearance, small size. The upper pressing block is opened by a turning method, and the operation is simple. The elastic upper block can reduce tubing wear. Quickly replace tubing with self-adaptive tube clamp. Suitable for 5 different sizes of hoses to meet different flow requirements.


Industry application

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical

Chemical and food industries

Tubing Installation Procedure

    1. Lift the flip top of the pump head to open the pump head.

    2.  Adjust the tube holder to the position corresponding to the installed size.

    3.  Put the tubing into the pump head.

    4.  Close the flip top of the pump head downward to complete the installation.

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Pump Head Channel number Tubing IDxWall Thickness (mm) ml/r (0.1-600rpm) Flow rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-KT15 Single Channel 13# 0.8×1.6 0.033 0.0033~13.20 0.096
HF-KT15 Single Channel 14# 1.6×1.6 0.156 0.0156~62.40 0.096
HF-KT15 Single Channel 19# 2.4×1.6 0.286 0.0286~114.40 0.096
HF-KT15 Single Channel 16# 3.1×1.6 0.477 0.0477~190.80 0.096
HF-KT15 Single Channel 25# 4.8×1.6 0.933 0.0933~373.20 0.096

Model No. Selection

OEM-KTB002 42-60 stepper motor with M42/4-20mA control module
OEM-KTB003 42-60 stepper motor with M42/0-5V control module
OEM-KTB004 42-60 stepper motor with M42/0-10V control module
OEM-KTB005 42-60 stepper motor with M42/USB fixed control module
OEM-KTB006 42-60 stepper motor with M42/RP potentiometer speed control module
OEM-KTB007 42-60 stepper motor with M42/RP-A external potentiometer speed control module
OEM-KTB008 42-60 stepper motor with PM26
OEM-KTB009 42-60 stepper motor with M42/RS232 communication control module
OEM-KTB010 42-60 stepper motor with M42/RS485 communication control module

Technical Specification

Model No. OEM-KTB002/003/004
Speed range 0.1-400rpm
Flow rate range 0.0033-373.2ml/min
Outer control Passive switch signal control start/stop and direction
Speed control OEM-KTB002: 4-20mA Analog signal
Speed control OEM-KTB003: 0-5V Analog signal
Speed control OEM-KTB004: 0-10V Analog signal
Motor type 42 Stepper motor
Power supply DC24V
Working environment 0-40ºC, 80%RH

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)