AUD-I Stepper motor

HF-AUD-I/HandyPump with compact and embedded design, can be used to automatically open and close the upper pressure block on the pump head. The device can open the upper pres-sure block on pump head to release the tubing when the pump stops running, extending the service life of the tubing. The tubing clamp can be fixedly installed, to adapt the upper block automatic open function. It is suitable for supporting various instruments.


Industry application

Supporting various instruments

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Pump Head Channel number Tubing IDxWall Thickness (mm) ml/r Speed (rpm) Flow rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
HF-HandyPump01 Single Channel 13# 0.8×1.6 0.033 0.1-300 0.033-10.03 0.224
HF-HandyPump01 Single Channel 14# 1.6×1.6 0.187 0.1-300 0.0187-56.09 0.224
HF-HandyPump01 Single Channel 19# 2.4×1.6 0.371 0.1-300 0.0371-11.17 0.224
HF-HandyPump01 Single Channel 16# 3.1×1.6 0.636 0.1-300 0.0636-190.76 0.224
HF-HandyPump01 Single Channel 25# 4.8×1.6 1.219 0.1-300 0.1219-365.69 0.224

Motor Specification

Step angle 1.8º
Phase 2
Phase current 1.7A
Phase voltage 3.6V
Speed range 0.1-300rpm
Condition temperature 0-40ºC
Humidity ≤80%RH
Working environment Do not close to heating equipment, avoid dust, oil mist, corrosive gas and strong vibration
Power supply DC24V
Logic input voltage DC5V

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)