AC motor

HF-DZ45 peristaltic pump head used aluminum alloy shell, 304 stainless steel rollers, long lifetime, corrosion resistance; big flow rate, high pressure, suitable for transfer high viscosity and high lift liquid; Driven by AC motor, can use frequency adapter to adjust speed and flow rate, can also connect with PLC, IPC and computers. 


Industry application


Chemical industry

Pump Head and Flow Rate

Pump Head Power supply Power Speed (rpm) Size IDxWall Thickness Flow Rate (ml/min) Pressure (Mpa) Intermittent Pressure (Mpa) Continuous Weight
HF-DZ45 AC380V/50HZ 370W 37.5-350 88# 12.7×4.8 1000-14300 0.25 0.3 30kg
HF-DZ45 AC380V/50HZ 370W 37.5-270 92# 25.4×4.8 3680-28150 0.25 0.3 30kg

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)