HF-KF300 Plus/KT15

HF-KF300 Plus series split type intelligent filling system with high precision and low pulsation driven by servo motor, consist with one controller and several (total 32) filling units. You can add or delete filling units according to different requests 4.3″ true color display with touch screen control.


Industry application

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Food and beverage


Filling volume reference (media is water)

Drive Pump Head Tubing ml/r Filling Time (s) Filling time(s) Accuracy(±%) Output (pcs/min) Motor speed (rpm)
HF-KF300 Plus HF-KT15 13# 0.031 0.05 0.4 3 43 256.41
HF-KF300 Plus HF-KT15 13# 0.031 0.1 0.8 2 33 256.41
HF-KF300 Plus HF-KT15 13# 0.031 0.2 1.5 1 24 314.69
HF-KF300 Plus HF-KT15 13# 0.031 0.5 3 0.5 15 314.47
HF-KF300 Plus HF-KT15 14# 0.126 1 1.5 0.8 24 225.08


Speed range 0.1-350rpm
Dispensing volume range 0.01-9999.99ml
Dispensing time 0.1-9999.99s
Pause time 0.1-9999.99s
Volume resolution 0.01ml
Time resolution 0.01s
Copy numbers 1-9999 times, setting «0» means unlimited
Back suction angle 0-3600º
Dispensing accuracy ±0.5%
Filling accuracy 1-32 units
Display 4.3″ industrial grade true color LCD screen
Control method Touch screen and mechanical keypad
Keypad lifetime 300.000 times
Start/stop direction signal Passive switch signal, such as foot pedal switch. Active switch signal, 5V-24V
Output interface Output motor working status (open-collector output)
Communication interface RS485 support MODBUS protocol (RTU mode)
Power supply AC 100V-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Relative humidity < 80%
Condition temperature 0-40ºC

External Control Schematic Diagram

Product Dimension Drawing (mm)

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